Matthews House Hospice

 Matthews House Hospice, located in Alliston/South Simcoe County, Ontario, is a regional service that walks together with families through the journey of illness and grief. They offer a variety of day programs, counselling, palliative care and resident round-the-clock services for individuals suffering from illness and their families.

 Matthew’s House was named after Ernie and Helen Matthew, long-time residents of the area who operated a farm in the Cookstown area. Their charitable work and selfless giving were recognized with the naming and building of a beautiful new structure in the heart of Alliston. Comprising almost 27,000 sq. ft at a cost of $6.8 million dollars, Matthew’s House operates 10 fully equipped hospice care units with full nursing staff and amenities. But for Alliston and our surrounding communities of Georgian South District it also offers a great deal more. Over 30 different full-time programs are provided including ongoing grief counseling, bereavement workshops, helping youths deal with loss, and many volunteer help programs for those requiring hospice care in their own homes.

 These services are free to all in need, but this comes at an understandably great price. Matthew’s House has an annual operating budget of $2.8 million dollars which is funded less than 30% by the government. Matthew’s House needs the support of the community to continue their vital work. As we face the uncertainty of resuming our labours under the cloud of the Covid pandemic, our District Project fundraising activities remain unclear at this time. What is clear is that there is a need, and I am sure the Brethren of Georgian South District will meet the challenge just as we have done so well in years gone by.


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